The flat track bike

Whats the specifics of a flat track bike? Generally speaking its a streetbike or a motocross bike lowered and stiffened up with mostly 19″ wheels, no front brake and a killswitch. But along the way you realize it would be a little bit easier to ride a purpose modified or even purpose built bike. Depending on what class you are aiming for of course the specs are a little bit different, but some are also in common. The suspension is definatly important and soething you will appreciate after a while. A wide bar suited for you the bike and your riding style. A motocross bar will work, but a flat track bar is slightly wider and with a little more angle towards you at where your grips are mounted.

Talking about rake of the fram the perfect angle of a flat track bike is somewhere between 23° and 25° What you prefer is partly about if you like short tracks or long tracks. A wider rake are more suited for long tracks and vice versa. 25° ist still a quite narrow rake compared to a street bike and it makes your ride turn faster on the oval track. A light bike and a twin or a single engine is to recommend. You most likely want a good strong engine and not to much rpms. In some classes you are aloud to have a special made and light frame and most flat track frames are therefor built in chrome moly.

But as is there are classes for almost any bike so dont put to much effort in to it for a start, ride what you have and start from there.

In Europe we only have one class where you almost can build without any restrictions and it’s Thunderbike. In this class and in the Vintage Rea Deal is where you find the most suited bikes for the task.

These are the classes we run in Scandinavia:

JUNIOR CLASS: From 15 years old any bike maximum 500 cc

ROOKIE CLASS: where you can learn and improve your moves on your flat track bike, cut of and a shark fin installed. Rookie class doesn’t have an imposition on cubic inches. If you ride very well in Rookie you can be asked to join another suitable Class.

AMATEUR CLASS: 450cc MX bikes, Thunderbikes even Hooligans, Real Deal and Modern Classics True Gold and Supergirls. This class is Open for the riders that know how to handle the bike, with race experince but in between a rookie and a pro rider.

PRO OPEN/PRO 450 CLASS: Either its open as Amateur or if its only 450 this is how it should look like; 450cc MX bikes, with 19″ wheels, rebuilt suspension lowered, no front brake and kill switch mandatory for the riders that know how to handle the bike, with lots of experince and are fast as hell.

VINTAGE TRUE GOLD: Old Triumph’s, BSA’s, Astro Bultaco’s, Harley XR, WR, WLA’s etc. If your engine is OHC, which means overhead camshaft type, that is a no go in Vintage Old Gold class. If you are not sure send us a mail including a photo. You don’t need the proper flat track tyres or 19″ wheels. This class might be divided in more age-specific groups. -1959. Emergency stop / kill switches are recommended but not mandatory in this class.

VINTAGE REAL DEAL: Old purpose built flat track rides 1960 – 1979. Emergency stop / kill switches are mandatory in this class.

VINTAGE MODERN CLASSICS: Year of manufacture up to 1985. Ideally flat track tires (18 “or 19” allowed, not mandatory, no knobblies allowed). Emergency stop / kill switches are mandatory in this class.

THUNDERBIKE OPEN: 500cc and above. Flat Track tire 18 ” or 19” preferable but not a rule, mx/enduro, knobblies or spikes are not allowed. No front brake are allowed, rear brake are mandatory. Emergency stop / kill switches are mandatory in this class.

HOOLIGAN CLASS: All age twins above 750cc with stock main frame (sub-frame may be modified) and little mods as a cut of, unplugged front brake, ideally on flat track tyres (but not essential) no knobblies. Emergency stop / kill switches are mandatory in this class.

SUPERGIRL: Ladies only all specs on bikes above except ROOKIE, Emergency stop / kill switches are mandatory in this class.