Germany and Netherlands joining the first round

During the weekend German Pro rider Nikita Alyani register for the first round of Burt Racing Scandinavian Flat Track Cup in Hyvinkää Finland. Nikita who is a familiar rider for thoose who attends the Dutch Flat Track Cup and german Krowdrace will be riding a Burt Racing Honda during this race. But it doesn’t end there. In company Nikita brings what we think is the number 1 racing lady of Europe, dutch Lisa Tonnaer. Lisa says she is only coming to support Nikita, but on the question “What if we can arrange a bike for you?” she responded positive.

Lisa Tonnaer Netherlands winning the Supergirls at Krowdrace back in 2022.

The organizers work on a solution to be able to offer her a 450 Mx bike on spot, but so far we didn’t manage.

With only a day left to sign up for the first round, registrations are still coming in.

“Officially we close the registration by midnight tomorrow April 30, but of course we doesnt close any doors if someone missed the deadline, says the organizers.

Do you want to sign up hit this link and do you have a 450 MX-bike to rent for Lisa send us a mail.

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