We will get our asses whipped

The original entry date for Burt Racing Scandinavian Flat Track Cup Rd 1 i Hyvinkää Finland ended on Saturday April 20. All though we extended the registration until April 30 due to the late rulebook from the Finnish federation, Saturday was pretty busy. Norway was on the hook and Finland itself delivered some really impressive riders.

And dear fellow Swedes and dear fellow neigbours in Norway, we are sorry to say it, but Finland will most certanly kick our asses, hard. Signed up in the Open Pro class we will find riders like Lasse Kurvinen two times FIM Flat track World Champion, multiple Ice Road Racing medalist and what about Mikko Koskinen who we belive is nine times Ice Road Racing champ in Finland and there are more really fast riders you need to find your way around if you going for the podium.

The impressive line up in the Pro class is all though a really good chance for the Swedes and the Norweigans to show their abilitys too, but sadly for Sweden no Pro riders signed up for the cup so far, but we are very happy that the wild ones Bjørn Kjustad, Rikken Hagland and Øyvind Dahl all made their registration on Saturday. The rest of the Swedes and Norweigans you’ll find in other classes and this time it might be a little sad that Swedish rider Conny Ivarsson chooses Thunderbike class either with his new Rotax framer or his legendary XR 750. He is maybe one of the riders from Sweden who could have a fair chance against this incredible line up. But lets cross our fingers for some more riders to register for Finland. We certainly miss some great names in the starting list. Wanna take the trip to Finland an join the Battle of Vikings? Here is where you sign up https://theevilmonkey.se/produkt-kategori/event/events-and-races-in-finland/

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