Kids in Finland are allowed to win

Just in time for the first round of Scandinavian Flat Track Cup – Viking Cup we got some good news from Finland; Their rulebook for flat track are accepted. With some small differences its ewqual to Sweden and Norways and the biggest difference you will find when it comes to the young riders. In Sweden you cant start race for real until you turned 15 and in Norway 12 year is the minimum age. In Finland they instead allow kids to race, and to win even if the cc’s are limited for certain ages.

Mini juniors can start from 8 year on 65cc and from 10 year on 85cc

Regular Junior from 13-15 year max 250cc 4-stroke and above the young ones are as in the other countries allowed to race with the adults

If there are young riders, as above, who want to register in Finland, the Finnish federation welcome Scandinavian riders to register in Finland as long as they understand that their Junior license and right to race from 8 years of age is restricted to Finland and only one round of the Scandinavian flat Track Cup. We will therefor make sure that we offer classes for the mini juniors and juniors up to 15 years of age on all three rounds, but just unofficial rounds in Sweden as well as in Norway. Points counting only from the first round than.

Its still good news and maybe the finnish way can be applied in the other Scandinavian countrys if we can show the interest and will from the kids who want to race and are ok with both wins and losses.

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