Fantastic finish of first finnish round

The first round of the Scandinavian Flat Track Cup 2024 could not have ended better. Organizer Burt Racing and Hyvinkää speedway made a great job getting this first or as we did understand second official flat track race in Finland happen.

Not only riders from Finland, Norway, Sweden, Germany and Netherlands gathered, the spectators also turned up at this first try. Jukka-Pekka Purtilo, the man behind Burt Racing, manage to organize the race and also get the crew at Hyvinkää towards this first success. With help from Lasse Kurvinen and the Swedish Kick Ass Crew Purtilo and his son Saku manage to make the first round of 2024 to a smooth operation with good racing and that very precicious environment flat track offers.

Next round of the cup is to be held on July 5-6 in Vetlanda organized by The kick Ass Crew and The Evil Monkey in cooperation with Vetlanda Motorsällskap. Vetlanda was hosting the very first roud of the cup three years ago and last years round was a great success with more participants than ever on a Scandinavian flat track race almost 100 riders made their start during 2023 and if things goes well there might be a good bunch of riders this year as well.

All photos by Kari Ketonen

The standings after the first round:

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