Swedish flat track cup first round done

Last weekend was busy for European flat trackers, lots of pportunitys to race but in Scandinavia the first round of the Swedish flat track cup was held in Nässjö. 24 riders including two from Germany and one from Norway attended. Classes were raced togheter and as we understand the vintage classes was all in one from sidvalves to slightly more modern bikes from early 80s. The Hooligan and Thunderbikes was also in the same. The 450 Pro is this year an official national Championship and to participate in that one you to be Swede. You can of course run the class in the SFT, but not in the RM as a foreinger.

Due to the amount of riders there where not that many fights, but in Vintage what might have been the highlight, Daniel Bröms on a rigid Triumph from 1956 gave Stewe Wilhelmsson a Yamaha TT 500 a tough run but in the final Bröms lost his strength with two laps left.

In the Pro 450-final it was all about Henrik Nyström and Åke Jansson. Jansson who seems two be in good shape still manage to make an early takeover and lead into the last lap and passed the finish line as the winner of the first round in SFT as well as RM.

Next round in Linköping on june 8.

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